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For any parent whose child has to produce a paper planet model for school, paper lantern light shades are great.

With a bit of watered down pva and torn tissue, Ella was able to quickly produce ‘Uranus’.

Valentine Supper

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We decided to celebrate Valentines Day as a family.  A classic slap up meal, steak and chips and a chocolate pudding. It seemed like like the perfect moment to christen the napkins Mum made for us.  Definitely a feel of “Robin’s Nest”, for anyone who can remember that show.

Challah Baking

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Another baking first for Jack and myself.  He now has to bake Jewish challah bread for tomorrow.

After two failed attempts, we realised that the yeast was not active! So with fresh ingredients Jack produced batch number 3 and did a pretty good job of plaiting.

Egg washed and sprinkled with poppy seeds.

Not a bad result, no more baking homework for a while please.

Pop Art Baking

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This is new territory for us, coloured sponge.  Jack has to produce a pop art inspired bake for school and unfortunately this strange lilac mixture was a complete flop.  For intense colour, ordinary food colouring is just too liquid.

Take two.  Gel colouring is amazing! A small drizzle gave Jack this turquoise mixture, but beware. A small drizzle will colour just about anything, skin, clothing, furniture etc.

Blue cake looks disgusting once baked, although the sponge under the crust was still a beautiful turquoise.

A coating of orange icing, purple crystals, red stalk and blue leaf and the homework was complete.


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by the packaging!  Ella and I couldn’t resist these beautiful clementines in the wooden basket.

Jelly Fish Bake

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Packages tied up with string

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For me the wrapping of a gift is much more fun than the actual choosing and shopping.

Brown paper made its usual appearance along with hand printed tags.  My porcelain toadstools are just the right size for threading on twine.

I used these grey and white bags with yellow twine for lots of the smaller gifts, not a colour scheme I would have planned for Christmas but something that just happened.

Ella wrapped yummy smelling soaps in different tissue paper, for her teachers.  Whilst I thought wrapping soap in cotton gingham was a good idea.  I  wonder if there is a secret nack to this, it was incredibly difficult.  I did manage to find gingham wrapping paper, as used on the gift above, much easier.

Party cakes

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There was just time tonight for Ella to whip up a batch of mini cakes for her school party tomorrow.  Little sprinkle of glitter and a pink smartie, job done.


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New Decs

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Couldn’t resist these georgeous, tiny glass baubles in Paperchase today.  I did have a 20% off voucher, so really they were a bargain.

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